NPO Journalistiek

Frontend Development | User Experience | Concept Development

The Dutch public broadcasting organisation NPO commissioned us to create a website dedicated to all the journalistism-related content made by the Dutch broadcasting companies. We decided on a topic-based archive, grouping all content by their respective topics (e.g. grouping all Iraq war related articles). This allows you to easily find both the history of a topic and its different presentations in the media.

We developed this website in an agile scrum team. I've taken part in the brainstorm sessions and was responsible for the frontend of the website, including designing the responsive fallback for smaller screens. This project is build using Razor (ASP) and SCSS with the Grunt taskrunner.

Responsive behaviour across different screen widths
The responsive behaviour of an article, reordering objects where space allows. Note that we don't show the big dossier image on small screens to enhance performance

You can visit the site at